Meet the Teachers Night 9-28



Dear Parent/Caretaker:


Wednesday September 28 is the Sound School’s annual “Meet the Teachers Night.” Parents will move through an abbreviated version of their child’s schedule, moving to all the classes that their child attends daily throughout our fourteen-acre campus and learning a little about all their child’s classes.


In order to take full advantage of this event, it is important for parents to understand what it is, and what it is not:


  • It is an opportunity to briefly meet all your child’s teachers.
  • It is a chance to learn the grading system and expectations of each of your child’s classes.
  • It is an opportunity to share contact information.
  • It is an opportunity to make appointments for individual conferences.
  • It is not an open house. Because the evening revolves around a fixed schedule, defined by our bell system, it is important to arrive no later than 5:55PM in order to begin the evening’s sequence at 6PM.
  • It is not a forum for individual parent conferences. If you wish make an appointment for a conference, you may do so with your child’s teachers, or with the guidance counselor or administrators who will be on hand throughout the evening.
  • Free babysitting will be available (structured play and pizza will be provided) for children ages 5-12. Please pre-register with Priscilla at the main office.
  • If your child will not be accompanying you, please come to the McNeil Building starting at 5:45 to pick up a copy of your child’s schedule.

The evening’s schedule is as follows: 

1(A): 6:05-6:15   

2(B): 6:20-6:30   

3(C): 6:35-6:45     

4(D): 6:50-7:00         

5(E): 7:05-7:15        

6(F): 7:20-7:30

ADVISORY: 7:35-7:45


Thank-you. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening!


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