WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2016: B DAY: Any student completing a Capstone with Ms. Lacross or wants to complete SAE hours at the greenhouse please meet TODAY at the Pardee Greenhouse after school from 230-415. You must take the city bus to get there! Homecoming tickets are on sale from Donna in room 107 in the Emerson building . Tickets are $30.00. Homecoming is Thursday 11/10 from 7-10PM Interested in taking a college class for free starting in January? You need to be a junior or senior with an over all “B” average and PSAT or SAT scores in the 400’s to apply. Come to Student Services to see Julie, our ISSP Coordinator, on any TUESDAY. Returning students can pick up renewal applications, but new students need to interview. There is still time to register for the trip to Spain during April vacation 2017. Students registered by November 1st will be entered into a raffle for $1,000 toward the trip. Do you like video games, pizza, and fun? Then join the senior ROV team for the annual lock-in THIS Friday October 28th from 6pm-10pm! The price is $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Reminders: Students who owe detention may not participate in extracurricular activities until their detentions have been cleared…that includes the Lock-In, Homecoming, and any extended day activities. Detentions can be served in the cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school or during your lunch wave. If you believe you have been assigned a detention in error, you may speak to Eric during your lunch wave ONLY. If you are locked out of a building for any reason, please report to the main office so we can call ahead and facilitate your reentry. The McNeil building remains open at all times during school hours. Please do NOT knock on entry doors during class time. This is disruptive to everyone in the building. Also do not rely on calls or texts to fellow students. Your entry must be facilitated by an adult. Again…go to McNeil and get called in. Teachers, please do not send students on errands during class time. On that rare occurrence when you simply MUST do so, you MUST phone ahead to their destination to facilitate their entry.

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