I think we’re set…Kristi is moving and will be able to do it, just a little late.


Sent: Monday, November 21, 2016 8:01 AM
To: SOUND – ALL;;; Julian Driebeek




Students going to the FFA Image workshop please report to the cafeteria immediately following these announcements.


There will be a student council meeting in the Library on Tuesday after school from 2:30 to 4:30. All members of the Sound School community are invited to attend to discuss their suggestions and concerns about the school.



Attention female athletes:  Anyone interested in trying out for the Hillhouse Girls Basketball Team should attend try-outs on November 28th, 29th, and 30th at The Floyd Little Athletic Center from 3:15 – 5:30 pm.





The Food drive is on! Donation Boxes are placed in classrooms and other areas. Staff has been provided with lists of The Most Needed IItems. Please help feed others this Thanksgiving – if we all just bring a few items or make a small cash donation, we can continue the Sound Schools’ long tradition of helping feed those less fortunate.

Please don’t delay- Time is short-Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!



This past Saturday, 28  of the Sound Schools finest rowers traveled to Boston to compete in the Icebreaker, the New England Youth Open Water Championships. It was an ideal day for rowing on the Fort Point Channel. Competing were two crews for the Coxed 6 category and two crews from the Coxed 4 category. Without getting into too much detail our strongest most experienced crew of 4 and their coxswain rowed exceptionally well and gained the title of the fastest most skilled crew in New England. Not to be outdone our novice 4 crew and coxswain placed 1st in their class. 

Although our 1st Gig crew were not able to hold on to the trophy won last year,  they came mighty close and displayed their dedication to the sport. Finally our 2nd Gig  rowed extremely well in both the 1 mile race and in the two rounds of skill and speed. Great effort from all the rowers, the Sound School coaches are proud of your accomplishments. 

Special thanks again to the parents for their continued support and to Bob and Neil for all they do to insure that we travel and trailer safely. 









If you are locked out of a building for any reason, please report to the main office so we can call ahead and facilitate your reentry. The McNeil building remains open at all times during school hours. Please do NOT knock on entry doors during class time. This is disruptive to everyone in the building. Also do not rely on calls or texts to fellow students. Your entry must be facilitated by an adult. Again…go to McNeil and get called in. Teachers, please do not send students on errands during class time. On that rare occurrence when you simply MUST do so, you MUST phone ahead to their destination to facilitate their entry.





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