FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2016: E DAY; 12:15 Dismissal


4 55min periods and 3 25min lunch waves. No period G.


A single key on a lanyard was found in the cafeteria after breakfast. Please stop by the main office to claim.


The winners for the senior and student council raffle baskets:


Tea Basket            Gloria Vega

Relaxation Basket    Josh Lovett

Entertainment Basket    Antonio Gallucci



Congratulations to Eric Brown on his acceptance to Paul Smith College!





If you are locked out of a building for any reason, please report to the main office so we can call ahead and facilitate your reentry. The McNeil building remains open at all times during school hours. Please do NOT knock on entry doors during class time. This is disruptive to everyone in the building. Also do not rely on calls or texts to fellow students. Your entry must be facilitated by an adult. Again…go to McNeil and get called in. Teachers, please do not send students on errands during class time. On that rare occurrence when you simply MUST do so, you MUST phone ahead to their destination to facilitate their entry.

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