Reminder: our first student-led conferences begin TODAY at 12:30. If you or your parents have not yet signed up for a time, it is not too late to do so! Please note that as a result of conferences school will be dismissed at 12:15 and there will be no after school activities today.


The FFA Leadership Group is please to announce that the following students will receive their state degrees at the CT FFA State Convention in Suffield CT:   Sarah Bartlett, Jordyn Bureau, Courtney Colaccio, Autumn Deloughery, Catherine Hall and Marissa Naclerio


The Chanteens are reminded of rehearsal this Friday from 2:30 to 4:30. You too Dylan! Everyone must know their songs.


Students that participated in the Faulkner Island community service project with Paula and US Fish and Wildlife last week, please pick up your paperwork from Paula.



Any sophomore who is interested in taking AP English for their junior year English course must turn in their application essay to Megan in Thomas 416 by this Friday, April 28th. 


The Sound School SAGA will meet TOMORROW during G period in the Library Classroom to discuss the Sound School Day of Silence on Friday, April 28—a national event geared to bringing awareness to the silencing effects of name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. Select students will be taking a vow of silence for the day.


There will be a Student Council meeting in Miss Nuzzo’s room during G period on Friday. Please come to help plan outdoor community building events such as kick ball or ultimate Frisbee. As well as other end of the year business.


Sophomores and Juniors — Do you have at least a B average and high 400’s or better on your PSAT’s? Feeling like you need more academic challenge in your life? Please see Julie in Student Services on any Tuesday to talk about after school college course opportunities for next year. Applications for Gateway, Southern and Yale are available now! You must complete the application process by the end of May to be eligible for a fall course, so don’t delay!



Attention dive club members! There is a mandatory meeting after school TOMORROW in the library. Any student who wishes to go on the open water dive trip must attend, have completed their online work, and be paid in full. Please see Pete Solomon for a copy of the permission slip and waiver. 


Tickets for the 2017 Prom are now available in Donna’s Room.  The prom will take place on Friday 5/19 at Birchwoods at Oak lane CC in Woodbridge.  Cost is 60.00 per person. The last day to buy tickets is May 5th.


Detention will be held TOMORROW only this week. Check the bulletin board in Thomas to see if you owe and an updated list will be emailed to teachers today.


REMINDER: No student should be in any other building than McNeil during lunch waves. Also, exterior doors to buildings must remain closed at all times…Do Not Prop Doors Open. There were some shenanigans yesterday during third wave on the second floor of Emerson involving students wearing a mask. That’s not OK. Indeed, since the exterior door was propped, it’s an illustration of what can happen when buildings are not secure. Security is everyone’s business, so please, adults and students alike, help out by making sure those doors remain closed!


Congratulations to Johanile Hurtado for winning 3rd Place as a Heritage Speaker in the COLT poetry contest!





Monday 4/24

Tuesday 4/25

Wednesday 4/26

Thursday 4/27

Friday 4/28


Vocab Test (421-440)



HDCI #21

CE #21

















The odd side of South Water Street is now designated a residential parking area, now designated by “Zone 17” signs. Non-residents who park there risk being tagged and towed. Please do not park there. And while we’re at it, please do not park anywhere in the bus loading area designated by brick patio in the curb strip between Thomas and Foote.



Students are not authorized to be in any building other than McNeil and the second floor of Thomas before first bell at 7:55. Teachers please DO NOT let students into buildings in the morning unless you intend to personally supervise them, in which case you should let the administrative team know.

If you are locked out of a building for any reason, please report to the main office so we can call ahead and facilitate your reentry. The McNeil building remains open at all times during school hours. Please do NOT knock on entry doors during class time. This is disruptive to everyone in the building. Also do not rely on calls or texts to fellow students. Your entry must be facilitated by an adult. Again…go to McNeil and get called in. Teachers, please do not send students on errands during class time. On that rare occurrence when you simply MUST do so, you MUST phone ahead to their destination to facilitate their entry.

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