G/H/Flex Policies

Please review for yourselves and students. I will make a related announcement presently.


G/H Period

As part of a system of support for student learning and achievement, we have designated a period of time each school day for “Flex time (G/H period)”.  Students in their academic classes must use this time in academic pursuits such as: homework completion, study, research in the library, targeted support and instruction, work in student services, student/club meetings, or work with a teacher.  For students in their double-period aquaculture and agriculture classes, this is considered instructional time.


The proper use of this time requires teacher participation and monitoring.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a quiet environment in which students may do homework or study.
  • Check student planners.
  • Provide extra help to any of your students who need it–whether or not they are members of the class in front of you at the time.
  • Send students elsewhere only if there is a prior arrangement, i.e.: written, phone or email contact with one of their other teachers OR if there has been teacher-to-teacher contact at that point OR if there is a scheduled meeting which involves the student OR if they have work to do for you somewhere else. Any passes issued need to have the REASON that the student is going elsewhere. This includes the use of the Library Media Center.
  • Know who the students are that utilize student services, and what their arrangements are for doing so.

Please explain thoroughly the use of this time to your students.

 Student Responsibilities:

·         Remain in the assigned room unless an arrangement has been made with another teacher—Use the Flex Form.

·         Work conscientiously on assignments.

·         Keep noise and social interaction to a minimum.

·         If up-to-date on assignments, read or study quietly.

·         Ask for assistance if needed.

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