Wednesday, August 30, 2017, F-DAY


Freshmen, there are still several spots open, so if you are interested in being a lean-to leader on the camping trip please get in touch with Randy Howe in Student Services or send him an email. You can find his address on the front side of your packing list. And upper classmen, if you do not receive an email invitation by the end of the school day to help chaperone the trip it means you were not chosen this year. There were a lot of applicants so if you are till only a junior or sophomore, please apply again next year.


For PAC/print only:

Freshmen Camping Trip Packing List:

You will want to be comfortable during the day and you will need to be comfortable at night, so come prepared with the following.


*Sleeping bag, pillow, and maybe an extra blanket *Reusable water bottle *Sneakers/boots *Change of underwear *Warm socks and athletic socks *Shorts and long pants/jeans

*Short- and long sleeve shirts

*Bathing suit

*Sweatshirt and windbreaker

*Rain gear

*Flashlight and extra batteries

*Hand towel

*Comb or brush


*Toothbrush and toothpaste

*1 or 2 plastic garbage bags (carry in/carry out!) *All necessary medications (please be sure to complete the appropriate form and to give these medications to Randy the day before (Tuesday 9/5) we depart.

*Cell phone (students will have 20 minutes to call home one night) with name written on tape.

Reminders/Suggestions: wool is better than cotton and wicking synthetics are best of all; layering is important; heat is lost from the head.


There are 80-90 freshmen and about 10 upper classmen going on the camping trip and we usually try to send them out with a snack in the morning and afternoon during the day time activities. If you are able to donate any of the following, PLEASE DROP OFF IN THOMAS 507  ~ UPSTAIRS


Fruit Snacks

Cheese its

Granola Bars

Cheese Stix

Cheese crackers






Juice boxes


Fruit cups

Stuff for S’Mores (Marshmallows, Hershey bars, graham crackers) Ice Cream Toppings


Incoming Sophomores:  25 of you have not handed in a 2016-2017 physical and current immunization history.  This is a State requirement, so call your pediatrician and get copies of those documents OR WE WILL HAVE TO EXCLUDE YOU FROM SCHOOL.  Bring to the nurse in Emerson any day but Wednesday, fax to Sound School Nurse at (203) 946-6508, or e-mail to You can call her at  (475) 220 – 6815.


Please refrain from parking in the bus loading area…that’s the school side of South Water street from the winch house to the Foote Building. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.



If you have requested a review of your schedule for a potential change, and have not yet heard anything about the outcome, that means your schedule has not been changed. Please follow your schedule as originally written until you hear from us. Please do not come out of class for schedule questions. You may do that during G period or your lunch waves. Teachers, please reinforce this message. The following students should meet me in the main office after announcements to obtain revised schedules….


Today we move to using the standard schedule change request form which requires review and approval by any teachers involved in the change, Ms. Matos, Ms. Gratz, and the aquaculture office if an ASTE class is involved. If you have Schedule Review Requests outstanding you may still hand those in to Evelyn in the main office.




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