Thursday, August 31, 2017, E-DAY


Attention Sound School Sailing Team members!  Our first meeting of the year for returning students will be Tuesday Sept 5 after school in John Buell’s room – Anderson 604. All sailors on the team last year – or previous years – should attend.  Those who attended the summer FJ program are welcome as well.  New members of the team will meet for the first time on Wednesday Sept 6. 


Attention Seniors: You have all been invited to join Katie’s Google classroom yearbook information group. Please check your accounts and join in order to receive important information this year for the yearbook. If you have any questions or did not receive the invitation stop by and see Katie.


Picture day will take place on Friday, Sept 22. All students and staff must be photographed on this day.


The following upper classmen have been chosen to chaperone this year’s freshmen camping trip. In order to go though you must get a signature of approval from each of your teachers and give that, as well as a completed permission packet, to Randy no later than Tuesday morning. Please stop by student services to pick up the permission packet.  The students are Mike Doraz, Grisela Juarez, Ryan Horan, Rachael Harris, Harley Zadanis, Kayla Murphy, Tatiana Gonzalez, Kyle Senberg, Sebastian Moreno, Talia Remnick, Claire Turner, Carlos Betancourt, Louis Laudano, Sam Greenvall, Arlo Bruckman, and Natasha Hill. The process for selection started with SAGA leaders, then went to seniors, then grades, then order of submission. Please see Randy if you have any questions. 


Attention Student Council Officers and Class Representatives:  Welcome back!  We will hold our first meeting of the year during G period on Tuesday, 9/5 in Emerson 213.  See you there!



For PAC/print only:

Freshmen Camping Trip Packing List:

You will want to be comfortable during the day and you will need to be comfortable at night, so come prepared with the following.


*Sleeping bag, pillow, and maybe an extra blanket *Reusable water bottle *Sneakers/boots *Change of underwear *Warm socks and athletic socks *Shorts and long pants/jeans

*Short- and long sleeve shirts

*Bathing suit

*Sweatshirt and windbreaker

*Rain gear

*Flashlight and extra batteries

*Hand towel

*Comb or brush


*Toothbrush and toothpaste

*1 or 2 plastic garbage bags (carry in/carry out!) *All necessary medications (please be sure to complete the appropriate form and to give these medications to Randy the day before (Tuesday 9/5) we depart.

*Cell phone (students will have 20 minutes to call home one night) with name written on tape.

Reminders/Suggestions: wool is better than cotton and wicking synthetics are best of all; layering is important; heat is lost from the head.


There are 80-90 freshmen and about 10 upper classmen going on the camping trip and we usually try to send them out with a snack in the morning and afternoon during the day time activities. If you are able to donate any of the following, PLEASE DROP OFF IN THOMAS 507  ~ UPSTAIRS


Fruit Snacks

Cheese its

Granola Bars

Cheese Stix

Cheese crackers






Juice boxes


Fruit cups

Stuff for S’Mores (Marshmallows, Hershey bars, graham crackers) Ice Cream Toppings





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