New Haven Promise Application & Community Service Information

from Brett Hoover, Director of Data + Digital Systems, for New Haven Promise.


The New Haven Promise senior application is up and ready to accept applications at Any student who has already pledged will login at “Continue Your Education” on the application page. In case a student has forgotten the email address that was used, see Nilsa. If a student doesn’t remember their password, they can scroll down to “Forgot Your Password?” to request a new temporary password. The deadline is Dec. 31, 2017, which includes the required parent authorization. New Haven Promise cannot move forward on any application without an authorization.

SERVO.CITY – New Haven Promise Community Service Tracker 

Community engagement and service outside the school are components of Connecticut’s implementation of a Student Success Plan, which values a broadened awareness of self within a global context. To qualify for either the Promise Scholarship or Passport to Promise Scholarship, a student must complete 40 hours of community service during high school. Hours must be submitted to the Career Services office so they can be recorded in a student’s account. Promise staff will determine those hours which will count towards the Promise service requirement. Generally, service must be performed with valid New Haven non-profit charitable organizations or community or school festivals within the city of New Haven. Hours associated with religious practice, in-school staff assistance and personal service for family, friends and neighbors will not be authorized as Promise service hours.

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