Friday December 22, 2017, F Day, 12:15 Dismissal


WE have a winner!!! for the FFA Leadership Group Winter Raffle!

Jack Leigh’s grandmother who attended the Holiday Fair won our Raffle Basket! Thank you all for supporting our FFA Leadership Group Program!!

FFA Officer Group and Leadership Group wishes you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday break and a happy, healthy new year!



College Before College students who submitted applications for the Gateway program please note the following: *New Students–Will receive a packet in the mail with Banner ID. They will need to call and take the Accuplacer if necessary.  Then they will need to attend registration. Returning Students—Will need to attend Registration. All students should complete a ranked list of classes they are interested in taking and make sure they have the name, times, and CRNs as well for the courses as this will help with registration.**Course availability is subject to change based on  GWCC (paying) student enrollment.**If students have questions about individual classes, transfer of credits, etc. please tell them to hold questions until January. Registration is January 1/11 at Gateway—Room S 211 2:00-4:00. Please stop in to see Caroline in Thomas 507 during G/H period or after school if you have any questions.



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