Monday, January 13, 2018, EF Exam Day   Fly Tying Directed Lab. There will not be fly tying today after school due to exams and transportation. Fly tying will resume NEXT Tuesday, January 23rd.   Aquarium Maintenance Directed Lab. There will be Aquarium Maintenance this Wednesday, Jan 17th. after school.   Are these freezing temperatures … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENTS


  Dear Parent or Guardian,   As you know, Midterm and Final Exams have been scheduled for Thursday 1/11, Friday 1/12 and Tuesday 1/16. Exams are scheduled as follows:   Thursday 1/11:                 8:00-10:00           A Period Class                                 10:00-10:15         Break                                 10:15-12:15         B Period Class                                 12:15     Dismissal … Continue reading Sound MIDYEAR EXAMS