OE1 at URI

On Wednesday the junior Ocean Engineering 1 class took a trip to the University of Rhode Island to take a look at their Ocean Engineering program (the oldest in the country), and tour both the undergraduate and graduate facilities, culminating in a special tour of the Inner Space Center, which houses Mission Control for all operations of the E/V Nautilus and NOAA’s R/V Okeanos Explorer vessels, both of which spend months at sea using side scan sonar and Remotely-Operated Vehicles to explore and discover geology, biology and archaeological artifacts beneath the world’s oceans, all while streaming the video and audio live to the internet 24/7.

The students got to see the 50-meter wave tank, the fabrication lab, the acoustic and ROV test tank, and the video processing and production facilities. One of the pictures attached shows the students listening to Dwight Coleman, Director of the Inner Space Center, explaining how all of the moving pieces (equipment, vessels and people) of the command center work together. It’s quite the facility.

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