Mid year exams start TODAY. There will be two two hour exam periods each day with a 15 minute snack break in between. Dismissal will be at 12:15 TODAY, TOMORROW and Friday. Make sure you rest up and study for your exams!


Reminder. There will be no Fly tying or Aquarium maintenance after school programs this week due to exams. Study and Good Luck



Are you stressed out from Mid-terms this week? 

If so join Zoe in the library during G period January 21st. For some art therapy as a way to de-stress. Color or make a drawing of your own and take a nice break from a stressful week. Remember to check in with your G period teacher and get a pass. 


SAGA members Pete now has the permission slips for True Colors. So stop by to get them when you get the chance. Also remember to bring baked goods for bingomaina this Saterday January 18th at the Annex Y.M.A club. 554 Woodward Ave New Haven. Be there by 5:30 to help set up as well. And always remember I belong, You belong, We belong. 


The New Haven Youth Climate Movement is holding a youth social on Friday. Come learn about the climate work being done locally and enjoy complementary hot chocolate and ice cream. The event is at 4pm in the New Haven City Hall Atrium.


Freshman Rowers – Please drop off your Canal Dock Boathouse forms asap.  Forms can be dropped off in Box in front of room 728 in Foote Building 


Are you interested in volunteer hours? If so then Contact Passion Padilla about volunteering at a non-profit fundraiser on February 9th 2020 at City Climb Gym from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you just want to come by and donate then you can get more information at  thank you 





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