2014 Sound School Survey

2014 alumni, please take the survey: http://sound.school/SS2014

Dear Class of 2014,

Can you believe it’s been more than five years since graduation?

As part of our work as a State of Connecticut Agriculture Science and Technology Education (ASTE) Center, we reach out to survey our graduates after five years. Please take a moment to visit the following link: http://sound.school/SS2014 and complete the Five-year Follow-up Survey by March 27, 2020. 

We need your feedback; it’s critical as it impacts the school’s future state funding. All responses will be kept confidential.

The information you provide is tracked for evidence of success and used to help us continuously improve the school and experiences of our students. It’s important that at least 80% of the members of the Class of 2014 complete it.

Add your current e-mail address/mailing address to your completed survey; we would like to stay in touch. You can always visit our website soundschool.com to learn more about what’s been happening on campus, follow us on Instagram @thesoundschoolnhps, or like us on Facebook @SoundSchoolNHPS or @TheSoundSchool.

Thank you for your timely participation and attention to the matter.

Best regards,

Tim Visel

Aquaculture Coordinator

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