At the bottom of this bulletin is one of the last announcements sent and read over the PA on March 12, 2020. My, what a strange journey it has been since then! As we adjust to the current normal, Announcements will be sent to and read by all teachers in advisory sessions. Anyone wishing to have an announcement read, should, as always, email it to Eric by the end of the school day before the day you want it read.

Students, please make sure you are attending your advisory check in at 8AM. That’s where daily attendance is taken, so missing that session will cause you to be marked absent for the day. Your attendance profile is shared with the city and the state, and affects the assignment of credit for the year and promotion to the next grade, so please don’t make your life more complicated by missing advisory check in in the morning.

All parents and students are reminded to make sure they have filled out all orientation paperwork under the “Get The News” button on the Sound School website,

Planning ahead: We will be holding a textbook and materials distribution for all students next Wednesday, September 16, starting at 1:30PM in the McNeil parking lot. Please check in with your teachers to find out if you need to come by and pick stuff up.

Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2020 7:58 AM



STUDENTS: Make sure you have a chromebook and a functioning charger and can access the internet from home. If any of these things are not true for you, PLEASE LET A TEACHER KNOW.

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