TOMORROW: Friday Oct 16, at 10:30am- Rowing meeting for interested students who would like to participate in the Canal Dock viewing of “A Beautiful Thing”. Go to google Rowing classroom for link or code 75jdnmz or ask Neil, Kim, Bob, Kenny or DD for link.
Attention 10th graders! We are still in need of over 30 of your physicals. State law requires that we have a 2019 or 2020 physical for each of you on file. Please ask your doctor to send a physical by fax to “New Haven Health Dept. – Attention Sound School.” The fax number is (203) 946-6508. If you have a physical at home, then you need to mail to Sound School Nurse, 60 South Water Street, New Haven, CT 06519. If you need a free physical, you can schedule one at the New Haven Health Department by calling (203) 946-8181.

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