TODAY is an early dismissal day. Here is the schedule:

Friday 2/12/21

8:00-8:10 Advisory

8:10-9:00 Period D

9:00-9:15 Break

9:15-10:05 Period F

10:05- 10:50 Office Hours

10:50-11:35 Advisory

11:35-12:35 Lunch

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday and Tuesday for February Break.

Community Service Hours Update February 2021

The Sound School has decided to further reduce community service hours for the 20-21 Academic Year to 25 due to the pandemic.  What does this mean for the Class of 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024?

Class of 2021 – Seniors will now have a community service graduation requirement of 150 hours.

Class of 2022 – Juniors will now have a community service graduation requirement of 150 hours.

Class of 2023 – Sophomores will now have a community service graduation requirement of 150 hours.

Class of 2024 – Freshman will now have a community service graduation requirement of 175 hours.

*The above hours are required of students who attend The Sound School all 4 years.  Hours are pro-rated for transfer students.


The following students need to contact Lori with their choices of Poem Titles and Authors:

         Anthony Calle Peralta

         Amanda Lima

         Gabriel Azaldegui

         Jacquelyn Palaguachi

         Anderson Baldión Tellez

         Maryorie Hernández

         Emma Zúñiga

         Nayeli Aguayo

         Melanie Luna

Fill out the form at this link. or e-mail Lori at LORI.BLANK@NHPS>NET from your student e-mail account.




TODAY’s Friday Fun Day will be an Among Us Party hosted by Katie. Please join us for some hide and seek and task completion and lots of teamwork and deception. Laugh with friends new and old. You will need to download the App on your phone or tablet in advance. We cannot help you with that part. Codes to join games will be given out in the Meet. All discussions will be voice only in the Meet.



The applications for the New Haven Scholarship Fund and criteria for applying are online at: website. The deadline for the return of the applications will be March 16, 2021.

Every eligible student, who is a resident of New Haven and a graduate of New Haven Public School System, will be interviewed by a member of the awards committee.

Interviews will be by phone or zoom, if the student has the zoom app, and will begin April 19th, 2021 which will be the week following the public school spring break.

Students will be notified by the guidance personnel at their respective high schools if they are to be interviewed.

Students who will receive an award from the New Haven Scholarship Fund will be notified by their guidance counselor no later than the last week of May.



As we continue to see high COVID-19 case activity in the community, the New Haven Health Department continues to plan for testing in the community.
Please visit for a full list of test sites.



REMINDER: The Homework Center is open from 3-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Your teachers can share the link with you.






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