Looking for community service hours?  Interested in becoming an English for Speakers of other languages (ESL) Teen Tutor?  Great opportunity to work on collaboration, communication and leadership Habits of Work. All tutoring done by zoom, No second language required, DD Hamilton will offer mini -training sessions and connections. First info session, Wed, April 7 at 9 am @ ESOL Teen Tutor Meet – Question?  Email DD deirdre.hamilton@new-haven.k12.ct



Students who ride the trains to school — Shoreline East and the Metro North line, and arriving at Union Station will be met by a Shuttle to Sound School in the mornings, leaving the station before 7:55 am. There will be a Shuttle to Union Station leaving from Sound School at 2:30 arriving at the Union Station at 2:41. Please be prompt in leaving the train to get the shuttle waiting outside in the mornings, and when arriving at Union Station at the end of school, make sure you get your train in a timely manner. This will start next week.



GOLF – Any students at the Sound School who are interested in GOLF can contact Joe Steele of Wilbur Cross to join the Golf program.  Students do not need to live in New Haven to benefit from learning this sport.  Contact Joe Steele directly at: 203-676-3770.




Rowers please check your email and Rowing google classroom for info on Canal Dock Boat House Youth Committee  Zoom meeting, TODAY, at 3 pm



10th and 11th graders — Are you ready for a challenge? Is there something you would like to study that Sound School doesn’t offer? If so, you should apply to take a FREE college class at Gateway, Southern, or Yale, through the Independent Studies Department! Please go to for more information and/or to apply.



REMINDER: The Homework Center is open from 3-4 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Your teachers can share the link with you.




March 31, 2021

Dear Students and Families,

We are excited to be moving forward with our elections for a student representative to serve on the New Haven Board of Education. Student voice is an important part of our everyday decision making and essential to achieving our core values of as a district. We believe that when students are involved, we are promoting an educational environment where students are engaged and receiving preparation to be leaders in our society. This process will strengthen youth voice in New Haven Public Schools and give students an opportunity to have a stronger impact on their own education.

Students who are interested in serving on the Board of Education must be (1) a resident of New Haven, (2) currently in 10th grade and will be in 11th grade in fall 2021, and (3) enrolled in a New Haven Public School. To qualify, candidates must get signatures from 50 students at their own school and 50 students from other high schools in the district. The deadline to submit completed petitions to the Superintendent’s Office is Monday, April 21st by 4:00 p.m.

The election for Board of Education Student Representative will take place in all high schools on Wednesday, May 12th, Thursday, May 13th and Friday, May 14th. All high school students in grades 9-12 are eligible to sign petitions and vote. The New Haven residency and grade level requirements only apply to candidates.

I look forward to an exciting election and for the continuation of strong youth voices on the Board of Education.

Very truly yours,

Ilene Tracey, Ed.D.



New Haven Board of Education 2021 Student Elections: Requirements & Information


Important Dates and Steps in the Process

Thursday, March 25th – Registration and Petition Forms available online.

Wednesday, April 21st at 4 p.m. – Petitions must be turned in to your High School Designee

Monday, April 26th – Tuesday, May 11th – Citywide campaigning period

Monday, April 19th – Candidate Meeting (Location TBD) at 4 p.m.

Wednesday, April 28th – Candidates’ Forum (Location and time TBD)

Wednesday, May 12th/ Thursday, May 13th/ Friday, May 14th Elections at all NHPS high schools


Candidate Eligibility

Candidates must be (1) a resident of New Haven, (2) a current 10th grade student who will be in the 11th grade for the 2021-2022 academic year, AND (3) enrolled in New Haven Public Schools.

One current 10th grader (“rising junior”) will be elected and serve a two year term from July 2021-June 2023.


Candidate Responsibility

Students must be willing to make a substantial time commitment for the length of their term in office (junior and senior year). The Board of Education meets twice a month, including summers, at 5:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of the month. Meetings can last multiple hours. Members are also invited (but not required) to attend committee meetings.

Student members will participate in discussions on the Board of Education. However, due to state law, students will not have a vote on decisions made by the Board.


Petition Process

1. Interested candidates can access a REGISTRATION FORM beginning Thursday, March 25th . o The registration form contains: office sought, election date, candidate information (name, address, phone, email, school, graduation year, student ID), statement of intent, and eligibility verification.



2. Upon receipt of the registration form, the Superintendent’s Office will immediately verify the candidate’s high school enrollment and New Haven resident status.


3. Once the candidate’s eligibility is confirmed, the Superintendent’s Office will immediately issue PETITION FORMS to the candidate. o The petition form includes: petition process information (office sought, date of election, deadline for petition submission), candidate information (name, school), circulator information (student ID number, name, date of birth, school), signer information (signature, printed name, student ID number, date of birth, graduation year, school), and a statement of authenticity.

o These forms can be duplicated.



4. Candidates are allowed to have CIRCULATORS, who are individuals that will assist in gathering signatures on the petition forms. Circulators: o Must be currently enrolled in a New Haven public high school, but do not need to be New Haven residents.



New Haven Board of Education 2021 Student Elections: Requirements & Information

o Must include their student ID number, name, date of birth, and school name on the circulator section of the petition form.



5. Petitions must be submitted to your High School Designee by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21st. o Prior to submission, candidates must collect 100 ELIGIBLE signatures (50 students from your high school and 50 students combined from other New Haven Public Schools High Schools). Petition signatures will be validated by the Board of Education. [this has not traditionally been COSE’s responsibility]



6. Signer and Voter Eligibility

o All New Haven public high school students, regardless of grade level and residency, are eligible to sign petitions and vote. The New Haven residency and grade level requirements only apply to candidates.






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