Core Academics

While the Sound School is a specialized learning environment with requirements for graduation beyond those of a typical high school, we teach the same state-mandated core academic requirements to the same standards.

Agriculture/Aquaculture Science and Technology Education (ASTE)

 The ASTE programs prepare students for college and careers in animal science, aquaculture, biotechnology,  marine technology, natural resources, and plant science. The ASTE programs incorporate a hands-on, active curriculum that integrates subject area skills and knowledge, applied skills in the core subjects of mathematics, science and English/Language Arts while incorporating leadership skills and work-based learning experiences through the National FFA Organization and supervised agriculture experiences (SAEs).

During 9th and 10th grade ASTE courses are exploratory, designed to prepare students for each of our 11th/12th grade science or technology pathways. Each pathway is responsive to industry trends and needs so students graduate prepared to continue their education or go directly into their chosen career.

ASTE Program of Studies

Directed Labs- Winter 2022-2023

Aquaculture Pathways

Agriculture Pathways

AP, Honors, and Early College Experience

With our highly specialized curriculum, The Sound School offers a select number of AP and honors courses.
AP courses include: Statistics; Calculus; Spanish Language and Culture; Spanish Literature and Culture; English Language and Composition, and Literature.
Honors courses are offered separately or by contract within the classroom. Courses include: Algebra 1 and 2; Geometry; Pre-Calculus; English 1 and 2; and US History.