Additionally, students must complete additional requirements in order to graduate: Advisory; SAE hours; Community Service; and Senior Capstone.

Graded on a pass/fail system, advisory (4 years) is a vital part of your academic and career development that includes the class projects.

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)
All students attending a VoAg center (a national requirement), must earn Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) credits. Typically earned through employment, The Sound School developed directed labs and FFA sub-chapters to meet these requirements.

Sound_School_Directed Labs FALL 2023
• Sound_School_Directed Labs WINTER 2023-24
ASTE Student Portfolio Item List (PDF)

Community Service
Students must earn 100 documented community service hours, typically 25 each school year, in order to graduate.

Community Service Handbook (Aug. 2, 2017 version) ( (PDF)
How to Record Community Service Hours on Servo.City (Dec. 21, 2020) (PDF)
Community Service Google Form (accessible from login) (Dec. 21, 2020)

Senior Capstone
At The Sound School, all students must complete a Senior Capstone project. It represents the culmination of their high school learning experience, where they demonstrate they can independently plan, execute, document, and present a long-term project on a topic of their choice.

Designed to independently extend and deepen their learning, a senior capstone may be an in-depth project, reflective portfolio, community service, and/or internship that is linked to one or more areas of interest to them; it should relate to The Sound School curriculum and/or the student’s career path.

Learn more by downloading The Sound School Senior Capstone Packet (ZIP) .