Ready to set Sail? Read the guide and submit the application to our admissions team (email). Come chart your future with us!

Admissions Guide (PDF)
Guia de Admisiones (PDF)

ASTE Common Application (PDF)

Aplicación común de ASTE (PDF, Spanish)

Formulário de Solicitação de Admissão de Aluno (PDF, Portuguese)

Completing the Application:

The application is standardized to all of CT’s Agriculture Science and Technology Programs. The application can be filled out electronically,  or can be printed and completed by hand. The application can be submitted by email to: or by mail. Once a complete application is received, all applicants must also participate in an individual 5 minute (5 question) interview and parent information session to review program expectations.

Application Criteria:

All applications are evaluated by the following criteria using a standardized scoring system (The list is in order from highest to lowest in criterion).

  • Demonstrated interest in a career in an agricultural or aquaculture related field.
  • Personal meeting and/or interview with ASTE staff and/or school personnel.
  • A personal essay written by the student
  • Recommendations (Counselor, Teacher and Personal).
  • Attendance record. 
  • Academic record.
  • Behavioral record.
  • Standardized assessment scores

Application Timeline:

  1. We recruit at local middle schools throughout the months of September, October and November.
  2. Open House for Interested 8th Graders is October 19th
  3. Applications received before January 6th will receive priority consideration.
  4. Interview sessions will be held in November; December; January; and April. Other applications received will be reviewed and evaluated if there are more spots available.
  5. Student applicants who complete their application by the January deadline will be notified by mail and email in early spring.
  6. Shadowing can begin once the application and the interview are complete.

We will continually accept and review completed applications until all seats in the incoming freshmen class for the next school year are full. Once the class is full, student applicants who meet our minimum criteria will be placed on a waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be contacted when a seat opens up; this can happen at any time throughout the spring, summer, or up until the first week of school.