Scholarship Fund Gives $270K To 199 Seniors Scholarship Fund Gives $270K To 199 Seniors by SERENA CHO | Jun 11, 2018 7:54 am Posted to: Higher Ed, Schools One hundred ninety-nine high-achieving New Haven public high school seniors received scholarships to pursue secondary education Sunday evening at an awards ceremony held at Hill Regional Career High School. They received the money … Continue reading Scholarship Fund Gives $270K To 199 Seniors

Sound School Promotional Video

Produced by Sound School students Joe Federation, Steven Sciaraffa, and Christian Sandor, the video “About the Sound School” promotes Connecticut’s premier aquaculture/agriculture science and technology education center (ASTE), which draws outstanding public high school students from 25 diverse districts.

Final Exams Info

* Final Exams Schedule: A light lunch will be served in the cafeteria each day during the 10:00 – 10:15 am break. Regular dismissal is at 12:15 pm on each exam day. *If you stay for Extended Time (to finish an exam OR to study, you will need to bring a lunch and arrange for … Continue reading Final Exams Info

Red Skye Foundation Event Monday

The attached flyer is for an event on Monday from 11 – 2 at Red Skye Foundation in Bethany. They provide lots of programs for children and adults, including animal assisted therapy, scout programs, and others. It’s a beautiful place to meet very friendly horses, donkeys, goats, and dogs.