Sound School Promotional Video

Produced by Sound School students Joe Federation, Steven Sciaraffa, and Christian Sandor, the video “About the Sound School” promotes Connecticut’s premier aquaculture/agriculture science and technology education center (ASTE), which draws outstanding public high school students from 25 diverse districts.

Final Exams Info

* Final Exams Schedule: A light lunch will be served in the cafeteria each day during the 10:00 – 10:15 am break. Regular dismissal is at 12:15 pm on each exam day. *If you stay for Extended Time (to finish an exam OR to study, you will need to bring a lunch and arrange for … Continue reading Final Exams Info

OE1 at URI

On Wednesday the junior Ocean Engineering 1 class took a trip to the University of Rhode Island to take a look at their Ocean Engineering program (the oldest in the country), and tour both the undergraduate and graduate facilities, culminating in a special tour of the Inner Space Center, which houses Mission Control for all … Continue reading OE1 at URI

2012 Sound Alumni Survey

2012 Sound School Alumni Please take the time to complete this survey about your experience at the Sound School. The information is reported every year to the General Assembly and is tracked for evidence of success. It’s really important that at least 80% of the members of the Class of 2012 complete it. Here’s the link: