We give back to the community, offering marine programs and publications

Want to build a Brockway? Read about shellfish? Curated and created by staff, partners, and contributors, the Sound School marine library offers many articles on boat building, aquaculture technology, shellfish management, marine resources restoration, climate change and fisheries.

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The community education program of the Sound School includes a variety of programs-both aquaculture and agriculture related – presented throughout the year. Community Education programs are constantly being developed, and some tested programs have become popular.

With our high school program being focused on aquaculture and marine sciences, and preparing our students for advanced marine related studies, college, technical schools or for entering employment upon graduation within a variety of marine trades, our community education program has become steadfast in offering programs throughout the year with a variety of similar topics.

Sound School faculty and other qualified individuals representing federal and state aquaculture and agriculture departments continue to share their expertise within the adult education program, among them the Sea Grant, NOAA, DEP, FFA Sound Marine Skills, LLC, Yale, University of New Haven and others are part of the aquaculture and agriculture systems that contribute to a wide base of educational support for community and adult education.  Our outreach program is offered to middle school students where our faculty provides marine education programs in the development and delivery of marine science educational programs on request from a school or district.

Our faculty and even some students have presented knot contests and aquarium and touch tanks as well as fish prints for many outdoor activities for young students. We can present Power Point slides and engage students in discussion of current aquatic interest and discussion and further enrich programs with clam and oyster boards. Our school chorale group named Chanteens represents at events statewide to sing sea shanties.

Contact: Susan Weber, Adult Education and Outreach Programs
Phone: 475-220-6808
Email: susan.weber @new-haven.k12.ct.us
Mail: 17 Sea Street, New Haven, CT 06519