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The Search for Megalops Report #1
Bacteria Disease and Warm Water
Blue Crab and Marine Bacteria 2
Sound School SAE Capstone

Aquaculture reports

16′ Brockway
16′ Brockway Skiff Construction Guide Corrections
How to Build a Brockway 14′ Skiff
Additions/Corrections to the 14′ Brockway Construction Guide
A Look at the First Web Weavers
A Review of Fisheries Histories For Natural Oyster Populations in Tidal Rivers
A Winter Flounder Habitat Index for Connecticut
Adult Education Workshop: A Gathering of Shellfish
An Oyster Bed restoration Program for the East River Town of Guilford, Connecticut
Bag Shellfish Relaying Systems in Connecticut
Bay Scallop Genetics and Transplant Programs to Niantic Bay, 1916-1935: A Historical Account
Blackback Flounder and Oyster Habitat Associations: A Historical Perspective
DEP/EPA HRI Committee Possible Guidelines for Habitat Enhancement:The Blackfish Sea Bass and Scup Artificial Reef Plan – Project Finfish – March 24, 2010, HRI Meeting
Can we Rebuild Our Lobster Fishery?
Climate Induced Acidification of Marine Soils
Comments to The Clinton Shellfish Commission – Winter 2007 Meeting Discussion
Connecticut Shellfish Restoration Projects Linked to Estuarine Health
Connecticut’s Inshore Fisherie Problems and Opportunities: An Environmental History Review
Do We Need to Re-Establish Local Alewife Committees? ISSP and Capstone Project Research Areas for High School Students Submitted to the EPA/DEP Long Island Sound Study Stewardship Committee – Tim Visel – November 18, 2011
Diamond Terrapin Turtle Studies of the East River and Madison Connecticut Shoreline
The Dowd’s Creek Restoration Proposal – June 1987
Economic Potential of Utilizing Sub-Tidal Soft Shell Clam Populations in Conneccticut: A Historical Review
EPA/DEP Habitat Restoration Committee Long Island Sound Study Artifical Reef Proposal – March 24, 2010
Environmental Organizations Are Critical to Restoring Long Island Sound
Eutrophication of Coastal Salt Ponds and Estuaries – A Growing Concern
Evidence of Native American Brush Fish Weirs in South Cove, Old Saybrook, CT – Powerpoint Presentation
Evidence of Native American Brush Fish Weirs in South Cove, Old Saybrook, CT – Archaeological Society of Connecticut Research Summmary
Gravity Fed Self Regulating Bio-Suspended Solids Pillow Filter for Crab and Lobster Tanks
How to Knit a Lobster Pot Funnel
How to Taper Web Sections
Life History of the American or Eastern Oyster
Managing Inshore Oyster Beds Presents Special Problems
Marine Shellfish/Finfish Connecticut Historical Fishing Landings and Restoration Information
Making The Case For Artifical Reefs: Habitat Creation, Enhancement and Mitigation – Comments From Tim Visel – September 2009
NACE Conference Dec. 14: The Great Heat and the Rhode Island Deep Water Bay Scallop
Natural Oyster Bed Report Habitat Restoration Initiative EPA LISS Study – November 14, 2007 Meeting
New Haven’s Natural Lost Oyster Beds
Notes On the Restoration of Connecticut’s Shellfisheries University of Connecticut Sea Grant College Program – 1988
Oyster Setting New Haven Harbor 1981 Season
The Role of Tannin – Sapropel Cycle in Habitat Reversals
Sapropel and Climate Change
Shellfish Commission Internship Programs in Connecticut – 1985
Soft Shell Clam Habitat Creation and Associated Population Expansion Following Significant Marine Soil Cultivation/Disturbances
Soft Shell Habitat with Clinton Recorder Article
Someday the Price of Fish Will Exceed That of Lobster
Stormwater Runoff Can Degrade Fisheries Habitats
Summary of the Fisheries of Clinton, Connecticut – Project Duration 1985-1987
The Connecticut River May Produce Seed Oysters Once Again
The First Shad Fishery
The Fisheries of East Guilford (Madison) The Waltson Trap Net Circa 1970
The Historical Decline of the Rainbow Smelt “Osmerus Mordax” in Connecticut’s Coastal Waters
The History of Madison’s Finfish and Shellfish Industries The Bauer Lecture Series – February 21, 2009
The Hummers Pond Alewife Restoration Project – Madison, Connecticut 1978-1989
The Hydraulic Cultivation of Marine Soil to Enhance Clam Production
The Importance of Recycling
The Trouble With Eelgrass
Do We Have The Correct Scallop Grass?: A Habitat History for Eelgrass (Zostera Marina) In New England Coastal Waters
The Great Heat and the Rhode Island Deep Water Bay Scallop (Argopecten Irradians) Fishery 1875-1905
The Natural Clam and Oyster Beds of Eastern Connecticut – East Haven to Stonington, CT
The Trouble With Eelsgrass