At Sound, we support the unique needs of our diverse learners.

dsc06694At The Sound School we believe in a “push-in”, inclusive model of support rather than a “pull-out” model that excludes students from the classroom and time with non-disabled peers.Each student we support needs to develop certain skills to help him or her be successful in school. Rather than isolate our students to work on these skills, as often as possible our special educators go into the classroom to do the necessary work. This kind of support allows for maximum time with those regular education teachers, as well as with other kids in the class. As an added benefit, special educators are often able to help other struggling students. For example, we spend time with English Language Learners and also students on 504 plans. With these relationships, our Resource Room becomes much more appealing to the student body as a whole. Students with Individualized Education Plans often come to Resource to take assessments, work on projects, and to seek information and clarification on their work. By also inviting non-disabled students to make use of our room, it becomes a heterogeneous setting that serves as “reverse mainstreaming.” This also helps to maximize “Time With Non-disabled Peers” for our kids. Perhaps our most successful effort is the Homework Center which we host four days a week. This support system is at the center of our “no casualties” philosophy. Students who are on Academic Probation are required to attend Homework Center, but we also make plans with students who are struggling to help them catch up. Whether during the day or afterschool, those students who have been classified as needing special education support services do not feel singled out when we tend to their needs in the classroom. Likewise, our Resource Room is seen as just that: a resource.