Freshmen Camping Trip Packing List

Packing List – Freshmen Camping Trip

You will want to be comfortable during the day and you will need to be comfortable at night, so come prepared with:

*Sleeping bag, pillow, and maybe an extra blanket

*Reusable water bottle


*Change of underwear

*Warm socks and athletic socks

*Shorts and long pants/jeans

*Short- and long sleeve shirts

*Bathing suit

*Sweatshirt and windbreaker

*Rain gear

*Flashlight and extra batteries

*Hand towel

*Comb or brush


*Toothbrush and toothpaste

*1 or 2 plastic garbage bags (carry in/carry out!)

*All necessary medications (please be sure to complete the appropriate form and to give these medications to Randy the day before  we depart.

*Cell phone (students will have 20 minutes to call home one night) with name written on tape.

Reminders/Suggestions: wool is better than cotton and wicking synthetics are best of all; layering is important; heat is lost from the head. ☺

Any questions??? Email Randy at randy.howe @

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